Day Zero: US-Funded Textbooks Taught Afghan Kids The ABCs of Jihad

“So effective was the propaganda, these textbooks would continue to serve the Taliban well when they rose to power.”

peoples trust toronto

by CoNN, AnonHQ

Would you be surprised to hear that the US government was at least partly responsible forthe birthof Islamic extremism as we know it today… by brainwashing Afghan children into becoming Jihadists?

While the US has influenced the Middle Eastsince the first World War, it ramped up its interventionduring the Cold War by aiding Osama Bin Laden. Heled theMujaheddin who would later become Al Qaeda(the root of modern-day extremist Islamic jihadist terrorism). Anything, it seems, was ethical as long as the Soviets were driven back.

This aid was widely believed by the informedpublicto have been limited to weapons and training of already-indoctrinated fully-grown extremist fighters. If only that was all the US did there though.

The Washington Post wrote an articleawhile back,revealing how the US had alsosupplied textbooks filled with violent images and militant Jihadist teachings- featuring drawings of guns, bullets, soldiers and mines…

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