‘Erdoganistan’: Persecuted journalists tell RT of horrors of Turkish crackdown on Kurds

Unreported by our MSM:

“The thing that was most striking about the place was just the silence. When you’re going around, it’s just completely silent. You can only hear people sifting through the ruins of their former homes,” he recalled. One of his most horrifying impressions was the smell “of rotting bodies.”

“The smell in the basements where people supposedly have been burnt to death is really overpowering… [Locals] just said that Erdogan had killed civilians there,” the reporter said, adding: “An old woman showed me around her neighbors’ houses and she specifically said that Erdogan’s soldiers who are operating [there] looked and behaved like ISIS.”

Eyes on Europe & Middle East

While very little is said in the Western media about Turkey’s crackdown on the Kurds in southeast Turkey, and journalists are virtually banned from the afflicted region, RT Documentary turned to locals for help in finding out what’s really going on there.

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