The CIA And Nonviolence — Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

A fascinating expose of CIA’s involvement in fostering non-violent oppositional movements around the world — and of Gene Sharp’s extensive links to the US military-intelligence complex. Gene Sharp, as Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall puts it, is the godfather of institutional nonviolence and author of several handbooks on nonviolent protest used by the supposedly grass-roots, Western-funded-and-trained political movements in various parts of the world.

Taking Sides


[With the author’s permission.  First published at:Wake Up The WorldJuly 18, 2014]

By Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

As a longtime activist, I have always been puzzled (and frustrated) by the dogmatic attitude towards violence among American progressives. In European countries, the working class has organized itself into a militant anti-austerity movement, particularly in Spain, Greece and Italy. They smash windows, burn cars and corporate property, set up barricades and defend themselves against police brutality.

In the US, in contrast, there is no cohesive austerity movement. You see occasional anti-austerity rallies and protest marches. However the participants are nearly always middle class students, academics and professionals. Even though they suffer the brunt of state and federal austerity cuts, there is virtually no participation by the low income and unemployed Americans who are most affected by federal and state austerity cuts.

Moreover protest organizers…

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