Babi Yar holocaust site vandalised by Nazis for the 6th time this year

Victims of Nazism betrayed yet again — not only by the West, which continues to conceal from its public the true nature of the current Kiev regime it brought into power in Ukraine, but by their fellow Jews, too, several of whom have leading positions in Poroshenko’s Washington-sponsored Kiev. The collaboration of a certain segment of economically privileged Jews with the Nazis during WWII is well documented; their 21st-century counterparts now tolerate and co-operate in their power-sharing arrangement with the ideological progeny of the original Nazi collaborators in Ukraine.

Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine

“Menorah” after the arson, September 13, 2015 Photo: Boris Glazunov.

On September 13, the first day of the Jewish new year celebration, a group of nazis desecrated the memorial to over 33,000 Jews killed in 1941 over two days at the Babi Yar ravine in Kiev. Jewish organisations complained about the passivity of the authorities, as this is the sixth attack against this site this year so far. 

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