A new kind of politics? By Paul Tyson, in opendemocracy.net

True as much of this is, it leaves out the question of why Varoufakis didn’t advocate return to the drachma to his fellow Greeks. He can’t have been politically so naive as to have imagined his eloquence and rationality would or could move the finance ministrs of the neoliberal European and American New World Disorder into shifting their stance and adopting a set of far more humane — as well as rational — economic polices. As the minister in charge of the Greek economy, it behooved him to explain the true reality of the situation to the Greek electorate itself and to advise them that, in the EU such as exists today, it is i their best interest to leave the eurozone, declare bankruptcy, and turn to developing the competitiveness of the sectors in which Greece can
still excell. The eurozone is NOT the EU — nor is it sacrosanct. As it is, the ordinary people of Greece have been manipulated into supporting a project that works at their detriment. That’s not a new kind of politics.

Yanis Varoufakis

Varoufakis is an exception to the norm precisely because he really believes in representative democracy. (Click here for the opendemocracy.net site)

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2 thoughts on “A new kind of politics? By Paul Tyson, in opendemocracy.net”

  1. Good point Vaska. I suspect Varoufakis is as much a Soros tool – or even more of Soros tool – than Tsipras. You can easily see his exit from the government at that time as a deliberate strategy to distance himself and thus retain some illusion of credibility, so that he might relaunch himself as an avowed ‘alternative” in some future time. His history and political associates speak of his likely true agenda IMO.


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