Calling for a Globalization from Below

In his new contribution on OffGuardian, Theodorakis writes:

The bad news is that we are probably in for a new round of globalization. The globalization of fear, violence and civilizational decay.  Real and imaginary dangers will promote government and secret services’ (which are actually corporations beyond any control) unbridled clampdown on dissent and on civil society in general. And, once established, this new totalitarianism can easily outlive even a long, nasty hot war by decades. [1]

I most fervently hope not — although the signs of such a possible future are all around us.  I’m selfishly optimistic enough to think I won’t live to see it come to pass, but I’m also humane enough not to wish it on anybody else, including the as yet unborn generations of human beings whom I will never know but who will surely inherit the planet from us.

It’s now some 20 years since I first contributed a paper to a Duke University conference on what we were hoping would turn into a Globalization from Below movement.  Such a movement is yet to emerge, though.

To create the necessary conditions for its emergence and its eventual success, we need to do something else first.

We need to start and then resolutely, consistently sustain an international civil-society — an international grass roots — conversation on how to prevent such a dystopian reality.  A conversation among people from and on all the continents and parts of the globe who’re committed to speaking truth to power AND to acting on their beliefs with both courage and perseverance.



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