The China we don’t see in our media

This is a shorter, companion article to Escobar’s “Inside China’s New Normal” published at the TomDispatch website. Both are excellent and give a glimpse into a China one doesn’t see covered by Western media.

My own sense is that China got the full measure of Anglo-American intentions with the State-Department/National Endowment for Democracy-engineered protests in Hong-Kong last fall and promptly decided that, two Opium Wars later, it was time to bid goodbye to any dreams of more humane and trustworthy Anglo-American policies in the near future.  After all, and prior to the Americans’ Hong Kong debacle, China had offered to build a high-speed railway linking Asia and North America and was rebuffed by the States.

One can only continue to be astonished by the short-termism of Anglo-American foreign policy and America’s increasingly unrealistic expectations of continued world dominance.

Occasioned by Pepe Escobar’s “China pivots everywhere”


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