Some questions for Russia Insider

In his January 15 piece for Russia Insider on EU’s stance towards Serbia, in which he urges the latter to accept the conditions Berlin is attempting to impose on it, the US diplomat Gerard Gallucci makes the following claims.

He first asserts that Serbia must join the EU so as to “become a genuine free-market economy able to compete globally and thus create jobs”.  He next claims that Serbia cannot get the economic and investment help it needs from Russia because, Gallucci tells us, “Russian “investment” usually means putting resources into the hands of its oligarchs”. Third, he tells us that the EU will not offer any flexibility to Serbia because it itself is in such a crisis and such disarray that Germany (the EU nation bossing everyone else around) is in no hurry to let in a new “needy” member state.  His last couple of points are clear from the questions I raise about them below:

  1. How exactly will joining the EU help Serbia create jobs?
  2. How will it do anything but help sell off the remnants of state capital Serbia still possesses, thus enriching both its own local oligarchs and their counterparts in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, etc., while further immiserating the population at large?
  3. Why attribute the current financial and economic crisis to the Germans’ unwillingness to have Serbia in the EU when, as we all know, the same financial and economic crisis did not prevent Germany from welcoming its old Axis ally Croatia into the EU fold just a year ago?
  4. Why does Gerard Gallucci omit from his remarks on Kosovo the fact that as recently as 10 months ago the president of the country he represents left the EU political elite bouche-bée as the French say, i.e. totally stunned and unwilling even to give him a lukewarm round of applause at the end of the speech in which he regaled them with some blithe lies about Kosovo ever having had a referendum on independence from the then Yugoslavia, the country his country and Germany had done most to de-construct?
  5. Why does Gerard Gallucci implicitly blame Serbia for the sanctions the Obama administration forced Germany and the rest of Europe to apply to Russia? What on Earth does Serbia have to do with that neocon decision, supinely accepted and carried out by Berlin, Paris, and Warsaw?  And, is it ethically acceptable that out of envy and spite – because they themselves were spineless enough to toe the Washington-imposed line and are resentful about the economic losses that’s causing them – these countries should now demand of Serbia to do the same?
  6. Finally, why did Russia Insider choose to publish this piece of neoliberal propaganda instead of an objective political and economic analysis of the predicament in which Serbia currently finds itself and of the real options open to it?

Ocasioned by Gerard Gallucci’s “EU Won’t Open Talks with Serbia without Reversal on Kosovo and Russia Ties: European Union is in no hurry to expand in the Balkans”


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