De facto

“The European economic crash of 2008/09 resounded worst on its weakest links – Southern Europe and Ireland. The true nature of the European Union as a hierarchical empire, in which the powerful states – Germany and France – could openly and directly control investment, trade, monetary and financial policy was revealed. The much vaunted EU “bailout” of Greece was in fact the pretext for the imposition of deep structural changes. These included the denationalization and privatization of all strategic economic sectors; perpetual debt payments; foreign dictates of incomes and investment policy. Greece ceased to be an independent state: it was totally and absolutely colonized.”

from “The Assassination of Greece”, by James Petras
There are, I am sad to report, self-declared leftists and even “revolutionaries” in Germany today whose assessment of what’s happened in and to Greece coincide with that of an Angela Merkel and a Wolfgang Schaeuble, assessments which would make any first-generation Nazi proud.

Such are the results of the last 70 years of Europe’s de facto military colonization by the USA, and of the last 30-odd years of its falling victim to the delusions of neoliberalism.


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