The Clintons are spinning this one so frantically, it’s whirling around the media-sphere like a child’s top or a Chanukah dreidel.  Hillary must be getting seriously scared of the possibility that Democratic Party progressives just might manage to talk Elizabeth Warren into running in 2016 — or, worse yet from the Clintons’ backers’ POV, that Warren might go independent and join Bernie Sanders as his VP.

For those who think I might be too harsh on Hillary and her spouse, the man responsible for the 2008 global financial meltdown as well as for a number of other international (war) crimes and misdemeanors, here’s a quick explanation.

Despite what the article which occasioned this comment of mine claims, “cordial and productive” doesn’t mean “friendly” in Clinton-speak — and never has. Let’s not forget what the expression denoting relationships as intimate and warm as “friends of my family” means coming out the mouth of a Clinton. It’s what Hillary called the Mubaraks only weeks before turning her back on Hosni and dropping him like the political hot potato he’d become by then.  And it’s not even as if Egypt was allowed to benefit from the Tahrir Square revolution: it’s still governed by the military, which is still as corrupt and greedy as ever. Were it not such, it wouldn’t have accepted Putin’s offer the other day — a done deal now — to build a nuclear power station for Egypt, a country that has so many days of clear skies and sunshine, it could generate all its electric-power needs by investing in solar energy.  Of course, the nuclear power station the Russians will now build for Egypt sends a necessary warning message to Israel, so there’s some logic to that otherwise absurd project.

The moral of the day: Never trust the woman who sent to death a mentally defective African-American adolescent so as to curry favour with her husband’s Arkansas voters, a.k.a. the Lady of Macbeth of Washington D.C.

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In Private Meeting Hillary Clinton Asks Elizabeth Warren For Suggestions And Ideas
Jason Easley


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