Transmediale 2015, Berlin

Virtual Vita Nuova

Transmediale 2015

Transmediale is an ideal event for taking the moral temperature of the alternative Internet crowd. This year: feverish.

The theme was certainly well chosen: “Capture All”, meaning everything instrumented, everything streaming data under surveillance. The total act of monitoring, the gesamkunstwerk of Big Data: but for who, why, how?

The resilient Berliners have now gotten over the first existential shock of NSA Snowden revelations. They know pretty well where they stand now. The intelligence services are simply in command of the government; no amount of mere political embarrassment is going to pry the spies loose from the switching centers: the spooks are too useful to the politicians, so they’re going to cast aside the pretense of the rule of law and simply brazen it out, Putin-style.

Everybody who matters now knows that Snowden told the truth, and nobody bothers to deny the reality, but the activists of electronic…

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