What makes a Nazi a Nazi? by La Chatte Noir

La Chatte Noir uses her blog to re-post excellent material on international politics. Always worth a look and a read.

Btw, this is NOT by me, as the top of the Blog Page makes it look: I just don’t know yet how to make it so that when I connect to another blog, it doesn’t appear under my name.


What makes a Nazi a Nazi?

Is it the violent nationalism?


Is it the mass murder?


Is it the celebration of that murder?

nazis(3) “Russian Spring; about to become a Very Hot Summer!”

Is it viewing your victims as vermin?

odessa-mama” Odessa-mama BURNS!”

Or is it simply the swastikas?


Right Sector…


Sponsored by the US State Dept, the “interim” Government in Kiev, the IMF and the European Union.

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